It’s very rare that you’ll see a photo of me, in fact I hate almost every picture ever taken, but here you are. This is me. My name is Hannah, for those who didn’t know, and here are 10 random facts about little old me…

  1. I’m twenty-eight
  2. I’m a teeny weenie 4ft11
  3. I can load a washing machine with my feet, Rob Beckett style.
  4. I hate fast food
  5. I love candles but am terrified of lighting them
  6. I’m a Scorpio, so you better be nice to me
  7. When I was younger I wanted to be an Egyptologist, ice hockey player, and a vampire slayer
  8. My hands are always freezing, and oddly always red
  9. I must be the only person alive who isn’t a fan of Disney. Although I do constantly have the Moana soundtrack in my head.
  10. I’ve had my provisional driving licence so long that it’s expired

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