Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

Harry potter 20th anniversary Dilly and the Boo blog

I was first introduced to the Harry Potter series at a sleepover and was instantly obsessed. They were the first books I fully immersed myself in and would read them in bed until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I remember lying in bed reading the chapter where Harry meet Nearly Headless Nick, and feeling absolutely terrified. It seems completely ridiculous to me now that I should have been scared, but the imagery was so vivid in my young mind that it really had a strong effect.

My favourite Harry Potter book has to be, without a doubt, The Goblet of Fire. I remember being around eleven years old, going to Bournemouth with my granddad for our summer holiday, and spending my holiday money in a bookstore. I sat on the beach, and at the edge of the pool, with my head in that book the entire holiday. I wrote a letter to J.K Rowling that year about how much I cried when Cedric died.

The film also came out on my birthday, which was a great treat. It’s by far my favourite of the films too.

Looking back as an adult, one thing that amazes me is the amount of thought and foreshadowing that went into the series, everything links back and everything has meaning. With this being said, I am thoroughly ashamed that I didn’t see the Ron and Hermione relationship coming.

You can read my post and find out what the Harry Potter series means to others by heading to Boolino for their 20th anniversary post.

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