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Katie Leah is the founder of charitable, and stylish, brand The Munch Store. She set up her business after her son Seb was born 15 weeks premature and now supports BLISS, the special care baby charity, by donating money from each sale made. Today I’ve interviewed the lovely Katie to find out more about the woman behind the business.

Mama Mantra?

Just go with the flow dude! Have a loose routine and then just work everything else out as you go. I learnt a long time ago that there’s just no point stressing the small stuff!

 Tea or Coffee?

Tea ALL THE WAY!!! Actually I’ve just stopped drinking normal tea as it gives me a headache so I’m all about the de-caff and my fave hibiscus tea

What’s on your Spotify?

So one of my absolute saves in daily life is an album on Spotify called lullaby. If Seb gets worked up, over tired or just needs a time out, I give him my phone and put that album on, works like a charm and completely chills him out! My music on the other hand is a bit more retro, I have a collection of cassettes and records of all my favourites because I need to see options in front of me, there’s just too much choice on Spotify and it frys my mummy brain!  Currently in my tape player is LED ZEPPELIN II and FLEETWOOD MAC RUMOURS is on my record player.

Netflix or book?

I love a good Netflix series, if you haven’t watched ‘The Get Down’ you NEED to!! However I would take a book over a programme or a movie any day of the week! Currently reading Lady Chatterleys Lover!

 What is your guilty pleasure?

A bag of super sour sweets and a super girly movie! Proper sleepover style!

Modern or retro?

RETRO RETRO RETRO!! The 70’s is my JAM!!!!



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