Coffee Break Chat – A kind Mama

A little while ago, when I was stressing about heading off to London by myself to go to the Mere Soeur book launch, the lovely Eve aka A kind Mama offered me her phone number and said that if I got lost or wanted company then she would be there. Unfortunately due to bad timing on my part I never actually got to meet this lovely woman in person, but I loved her for her kindness. Whenever I think of Eve this is what I remember, but what a lot of you probably think of is her scrummy Vegan baked goods, which look so so amazing!  So let’s find out what makes Eve tick…

Mama Mantra?

Kill them with kindness!

Tea or Coffee?

Tea, really weak, one sugar and soy milk. Coffee makes me sick.

What’s on your Spotify?

I don’t have it 😦 on my phone I’ve got all sorts – Charlie Simpson, City & Colour & Bon Iver for chilled time, Dutch Uncles and Everything Everything for work!

Netflix or book?

At the moment Netflix, we’re watching the Scream series!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Oh God… Am I really so boring that I don’t have any guilty pleasures!

cookies or cakes?

Oooh a toughie… can I say brownies!??


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