Coffee Break Chat – YOU THE DADDY

How did you get into blogging?

After we found out we were pregnant (on our first attempt, somehow), I immediately poured my attention into finding out everything I could about pregnancy, but quickly realised how crap the online sources are for new dads (as everything is tailored to the mums to be.)

So I decided to set up my own blog to share real life stories from me and other likeminded parents, pregnancy insights and parenting hacks to hopefully help other first timers like me.  

Parenting Mantra?

Parenting was so much easier when I raised my non-existent kids hypothetically in my head. I remember seeing parents and thinking, “Ooh, I definitely won’t do that when I have kids of my own…” But being an actual dad now, I realise that you’ve got to do whatever you can as parents to keep yourself sane. So if that means giving them a biscuit to keep them quiet or shoving them in front of the TV so you can put your feet up for 10 minutes, that’s all good. Parents should never judge or be judged…

Tea or Coffee?

Neither if I can get away with it (to my wife’s annoyance…she’s a massive tea drinker). If I had the choice I’d much prefer something cold like Ribena or a Diet Coke. Growing up I always hated coffee but my big sis told me that if you put enough milk and sugar in it, it tastes like hot chocolate. So if you ever make me a coffee, two sugars and extra milky please…

What’s on your Spotify?

I’m embarrassed to admit, my starred playlist is quite an eclectic mix featuring far too many pop princesses for my own good. But my go to albums of the moment are Adele’s 24, Rumours by Fleetwood Mack, Bon Jovi’s greatest hits and a wildcard you might not have heard of yet…Circus Life by the amazing folk duo Gypsyfingers. 

Netflix or book?

Don’t get me wrong…I love a good book and will read five or six anytime I go on holiday. But as a first time parent, finding the time to read is nigh on impossible. So these days I’m a total Netflix addict, polishing off series after series (usually while tackling our mountain of ironing that never seems to go down). My favourite shows at the moment are Suits and Designated Survivor, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of House of Cards, Alan Partridge or The I.T. Crowd. Never a dull moment…

What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching The Great Pottery Throw Down on BBC 2…I know it’s a total rip off of the Great British Bake Off, but I love me a bit of Sara Cox (think Mel & Sue wrapped into one lovely Northern package). 

Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram all the way baby! Twitter has become way too noisy, with the average lifetime of a tweet being no longer that one minute these days. I think that with Instagram and the new Instagram Stories you can really get to know people, especially other parents, in a much more fun and engaging way. Ask a parenting question on Instagram and you’ll get 20 incredibly useful responses…there’s a real support network on there and I love it.

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