Coffee Break Chat – Megan Illustrations

Starting off my new interview series is Megan from Megan Illustrations. Before we start I’d like to tell you a little bit about the series- Coffee Break Chat is a series of short ‘get to know’ interviews designed for busy parents to read on their cuppa break. We have several wonderful talents lined up and I’m very excited about it! Now onto the wonderful Megan, whose work you’ve probably seen on many kids in the form of Cribstar’s Face, Bunny and Cracks collections.

What’s your business Mantra?
I have a few loose rules for myself that I follow in terms of my business. Always make time to create work for fun in-between commissions for clients. This way I can get across my own personal sense of style within my work. 
I also feel extremely grateful to have received so much positive feedback and support from people who have found me through my Instagram page and social media in general. As well as friends and family, I’m amazed at the kindness I’ve had from people who I haven’t actually met or who don’t necessarily know me personally. There are some very nice and generous people in the world! The opportunities that I’ve had to collaborate with other brands on things like print designs and illustrations have been truly amazing for me as well so of course I appreciate these people massively who have chosen to work with me.
So because of this I think it’s important to give what you take. I try to be as positive and friendly as I can to fellow creatives and individuals who have a good thing going in terms of their business or their blog. Always build people up, it’s a horrible thing when you see people trying to drag others down. 
And also, keep things light hearted on social media! Keep creating, keep growing, always be kind. And keep doing what you love.
Mac or PC?

I’m a Mac girl all the way! I do all of my work using my MacBook which is slowly but surely going to die on me soon. I’ve had this one coming up to about 4 years (which according to Apple makes it a ‘vintage product’, meaning if it breaks they won’t fix it?!) Not good news!

Tea or Coffee?

I seem to have an issue with never finishing a cup of tea because they go cold so quickly! It’s either that or I forget I even made one. But I drink both, and I am a big fan of a Costa chai latte. And a glass of wine at the weekend.

Netflix or book?

I read a really good book recently that massively affected my productivity because all I wanted to do was finish the book. But that is extremely rare for me as I usually lose interest during the first chapter. So Netflix! I enjoy a good film but I’ve got a short attention span when it comes to TV programs.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Contradicting my previous answer here. I have a big guilty pleasure that comes in the form of reality TV! It seems to be the only thing that I actually enjoy watching. Programs like The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea are the highlights of my week. And Love Island is the best of them all. It’s bad I know! And another vice of mine is crisps.

Monochrome or colour?

It’s so hard to choose! It completely depends on the work or the design, or my mood. So I’ll say both.

What’s next for Megan Illustrations?
I’m hoping to carry on growing as an illustrator and designer and keep working with lots of amazing people. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunities and positive reactions that I’ve had so far! 
I’ve been a creative person all my life so I’m very much following my passion rather than planning a structured path. So I’m going to keep my head down and carry on doing what I’m doing, and just see where is takes me!

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