Bump & Glory Postnatal Depression Campaign

bare biology bump and glory postnatal depression.jpgPostnatal depression affects around 1 in 7 mums and 1 in 10 dads in the UK and is something Bare Biology founder Melanie Lawson is all to familiar with.

 This Mother’s Day Bare Biology will be launching a month-long campaign to help drive awareness of postnatal depression. The campaign will feature weekly blog posts from leading specialists in the post pregnancy field, including nutritionists, fitness experts and psychologists, and is inspired by founder Melanie’s own journey and battle with the illness. Bare Biology aims to ensure they provide insightful help to anyone requiring support and general information to raise awareness. Alongside this they will also be donating 10% of all their sales of pregnancy Omega 3, Bump and Glory, to a wonderful charity called @pandas_uk.

Studies have shown that Omega 3 may help to balance hormones, reduce inflammation in the womb and aid fertility in the pre-conception stages. During pregnancy, DHA supports brain development for mum and baby; as a result, it may help prevent postnatal depression. One capsule a day contains an unrivalled dose of 560mg of DHA and 40mg of EPA, which is equivalent to eating a large tin of sardines (including the bones!) Bare Biology have also launched a new sample size Bump & Glory so you can take them on holiday, to work or try them before you buy the full size.

If you would like to share your story then use the hashtag #IhadPND.









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