Does my child need surgery?

IMG_90321Some of you may have seen that Ben has been wearing an eye patch recently, this is because we  noticed a mild squint last year. Because his eye turns when he looks in the distance or is tired, his vision has weakened in the less frequently used eye, this is what the patch is correcting.

 Yesterday we had our first check up since he has been using the patches and luckily there has been a mild improvement in his vision, unfortunately it seems the squint cannot be fixed without Strabismus surgery.

At the moment Ben’s squint isn’t too noticeable, doesn’t seem to bother him, and he is going through continuous observation. The hospital have told us that there is no time limit on when the surgery can be performed and as it is not a drastic squint they are happy to observe for now.

But what we are struggling with is the choice we have been given: have the surgery done now while he is young enough to forget it; or postpone and monitor and see if it worsens.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that the thought of surgery terrifies me! But am I being selfish postponing surgery if he won’t remember it now? I know that there is no magic way of knowing what is best, but I’m thankful for your opinions.





2 thoughts on “Does my child need surgery?

  1. He will remember his surgery regardless of age and will probably want to. Will thinks hospital visits are great fun and doesn’t fuss about any surgery because it’s normal for him.
    We could have Wills head cosmetically corrected now but it would be for cosmetics because medically it is a borderline requirement.
    So my thoughts are if the child doesn’t NEED it and current treatment could improve it then leave it for now.
    My major recommendation is not to make a big thing of it. Make it normal for him to have it and he’ll deal with it a lot better. Xx


    1. Thanks Angela, It’s definitely important not to make a big deal about it around him. He loves his hospital visits as well, they’ve been really good interacting with him and remembering that he is only two. Even though me and my Will were instantly like ‘no we’ll wait’ I can’t help but worry about his anxiety towards it as he gets older.


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