Maverick Books review – Fum & How do you do Mr Gnu?

dilly and the boo blog boolino book review Fum (1)

Today we have a double book review for you all in the form of Maverick Books’ soon to be released picture books Fum, and How do you do Mr Gnu?

 FUM by Karl Newson is a charming, fairy tale infused story about a little giant and his family’s hunt to find him. It follows the Giant Crumb family as they make their way through colourful, gorgeously illustrated pages, and lyrical prose. We read this over and over and it never tired. There are ample opportunities to express you’re inner thespian due to the large collection of characters, most of whom are recognisable from classic fairy tales, and with the amount of detail put into the drawings there is definitely plenty to discuss with your little one.

dilly and the boo blog boolino book review How Do You Do Mr Gnu

How do you do Mr Gnu? by Billy Coughlan is equally inviting with its dynamic images and childish humour. The story follows Mr Gnu who, upon receiving an invitation to dine with the Queen, decides to practice his manners- And what better place to learn this than from his animal friends?

Although it doesn’t have the same rhyming prose as Fum, it still has a fantastic flow which is driven through humour and recognisable, easily mimicked onomatopoeias.

 One thing me and my husband loved about the books was that they are printed on high quality semi matt paper, something which preserves illustrator Maddie Frost’s playful use of texture.

I find myself buying books more for Dylan than I do Ben but we have received several books from Maverick books recently and I can’t fault a single one. They are beautiful quality and well thought-out, and more importantly they have got my little one interested in reading!

This book was gifted to us by  Boolino and Maverick Books for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are our own.


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