I lie to my kids…and that’s ok

i-lie-to-my-kids-and-thats-ok-dilly-and-the-boo-blog-postFrom a young age we are taught not to lie, your nose will grow like Pinocchio’s and Santa will never deliver presents to little fibbers; We almost scare our kids into being honest, which in itself seems mildly immoral, but lets not get into that philosophical debate on a Tuesday morning.

 Anyway, about six years ago it became my turn to be the parent and that meant I got to adopt the wonderful loop hole which is ‘do as I say and not as I do’ and lying is now allowed.

 Yes I lie to my children, and anyone who says they don’t is just being dishonest. Lie’s can be beautiful thing, a way to protect our children’s innocence or squash bad habits, ‘your face will freeze like that if the wind turns’ comes to mind or the ever so popular ‘If you say a swear word then you will have your mouth rinsed out with soap’ (although this did actually come to pass for my younger self.)

But sometimes I lie for my own sanity. A little faux promise to go to park after we have been shopping, or the unfulfilling prophecy of biscuits if they don’t argue the whole journey home; these are the only things that keep me from losing my goddamn mind sometimes. But you know what? Lying doesn’t make me a bad mum. No one is perfect and I definitely don’t claim to be the world’s best mum; So I’m going to give myself a break and embrace the reality that sometimes a little white lie can make everyone a hell of a lot happier.


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