The Snowflake Mistake – Boolino review


‘High, very high, almost too high to see, an ice palace floats like a ship on the sea…’

Lou Treleaven’s  charming alternative tale behind the uniqueness of each snowflake is just perfect. It hooks you in from the very beginning with it’s flurry of rhyming text, which is playfully danced across the pages. The soft, wintery tones of the collaged style imagery is the cherry on the frosted cake.

Behind these joyful illustrations and befittingly brisk narrative is the story of a clever, intuitive young girl whose thoughts and ideas are praised by her mother, an inspiring tale for young children. The Queen (mother) in the story also learns to let go of her idea of what is the best way to do things and allow her daughter to make her own choices.

Even young children who do not fully understand the words (there at several challenging ones in there such as ‘appointing’) will enjoy the flow and tone of the The Snowflake Mistake as well as Maddie Frost’s artwork. The book even includes a snowflake tutorial to keep the kids entertained for longer.

This book was gifted to us by Maverick Books and Boolino for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are our own.


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