Bayard Children’s Magazines


Last week we were sent a beautiful collection of magazines by Bayard, which on first impression could easily be mistaken as books. The French press provides high quality, glossy magazines tailored for different age groups, but it is their desire to share a pleasure of reading and to enhance human values with their young readers which make the magazine’s so unique.

Bayard have been helping children express their creativity and discover the world since 1996 and aim to help young people to grow up understanding the fascinating world they live in, while encouraging them to face the challenges of the future with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Storybox (3-6 years)

Storybox is filled with a good number of activities and fun facts but the star of this magazine is understandably the Story. Each magazine contains a beautifully illustrated and well written book-length story to be read aloud.

In addition to these striking tales there are bright, adventure filled comic strips with identifiable, endearing heroes and humour for all ages. My boys loved the story of SamSam the little superhero who along with his father ‘SamDaddy’ has to overcome the ‘Fartifer’, a humanised whoopee cushion.

This magazine, with its attractive pictures and simple captions, is designed to stimulate creativity, observation skills and a love of reading in young children.

 Adventurebox (ages 6-9)

Adventurebox opens with an exciting 44-page illustrated story which contains manageable chapters for the newly independent reader. Each magazine has a story with a different genre to help children develop their own literary taste. Dylan was particularly fond of the story ‘The boy in Mirror’ as the engaging, colourful illustrations were reminiscent of Cartoon Network, and it’s no surprise either as this story was designed by Spongebob and Robotboy illustrator Aurore Damant.

 Again there is more to this magazine than the story. Adventurebox takes the aspects which makes Storybox great and enhances them to appeal to the older reader. The NatureBox segment offers great photographs, fascinating scientific information and an understanding of the natural world. The puzzles and games included help aid observation and reasoning skills in a fun way, whilst testing the child’s understanding of the story they have just read.

 Discoverybox(ages 9-12)

Discoverybox is heavily fact based which is perfect for an inquisitive child like Dylan. The issues we were sent were centered on the Ancient Greek Olympics and the Palace of Versailles. I really enjoyed reading both as I’m a huge history fan and honeymooned in Versailles. Dylan has appeared to inherit my love of historical facts as he absolutely absorbed these books.

Another love of his is Science and Discoverybox hits the nail on the head with its experiments and clear explanations of great innovations and inventions. This book encourages children to develop the theory, research and evaluation skills which are so important in their school work.

These books were gifted to us by Bayard for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are our own.


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