Anorak and Dot Magazines

Anorak and Dot Magazines Dilly and the Boo blog review (2).JPGAnorak and Dot Magazines Dilly and the Boo blog review (2).JPG

When the wonderful team at Anorak and Dot magazine offered to send us their most recent copies for the boys I jumped for joy. I am a huge magazine fan and the more they resemble books the more I’m drawn to them so I love these!

 Both Anorak (aimed at 6-12 year olds) and Dot (designed for pre schoolers) ooze creativity and are highly design led . Other than the design one thing I was instantly drawn to was the smell which is reminiscent of school art classes, a particularly fond memory of mine.

 Anorak is bold, fun and colourful and is comprised of unique, playful illustrations which draw certain influences from anime. The combination of comic strips, stories and educational activities are perfect for Dylan and any inquisitive child of that age.

 Dot, also educational, plays with equally bold shapes and colours and storytelling to capture it’s audience. There is a distinct nod towards sixties design, not too dissimilar to the work of Rachel J Powell, which is both nostalgic and modern; A winner for parents and children alike.

Coined the ‘Happy Mags’ these are just that. There are hours of happiness, inspiration and knowledge  wrapped up within these hardwearing pages. Unlike a lot of children’s magazines, which end up either in the bin or in pieces within a week, Anorak and Dot are designed to be collected, revisited and handed down. With this in mind their festive bundles and subscription vouchers are a fantastic gift which keeps the happiness going for generations.


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