Fish oil and the vegetarian mum- Bare Biology review

Bare Biology fish oil superhero dilly and the boo blogEver since I was little I have felt uncomfortable with eating meat and fish, it isn’t so much that I have any moral aversion to it, it just simply never felt right for me. I always find it hard to explain this to people as I don’t really understand the reasons myself so I won’t dwell on the origins of my vegetarian lifestyle; instead I want to talk about the impact it has had on the lives of my children.

As a parent we all have little moments of panic or unease when it comes to our parenting choices, for me a big fear is that I will inadvertently make my children ill by giving them inadequately cooked food. Meat and fish ring big alarm bells! So instead I feed them ready to eat ham and tinned tuna or shy away from meat altogether. That is usually the point where Mum Guilt sets in.

It goes without saying that there are benefits to eating meat and fish that the vegetarian lifestyle struggles to match. DHA Omega 3 is a major component in the development of our brain, eye tissue and skin, as well as being proven to have positive effects on behaviour in children and keeping moods and energy levels up.

 We recently had a trip to the hospital with Ben which, if you follow me on Instagram, you may be aware of. Basically he has a slight squint which is under observation, the muscles in his right eye are slightly weaker which cause the eye to wander when he is tired or looking in the distance. So when Bare Biology asked if they could send some samples of their Super Hero fish oil for the boys it seemed like the perfect solution to Ben’s development and my mum guilt.

The product is not only the most concentrated kid’s fish oil available but is very easy to use with the handy syringe that comes inside the box. I’m told by my kids and my husband that it doesn’t leave that horrible aftertaste which usually puts children off medicines and supplements, in fact it has a mild lemon taste to it.

 Dylan, being fussy, prefers his mixed in with his food but Ben is more than excited to have his tiny dosage each day, and I mean TINY, in fact one single 1ml drop contains the same amount of Omega 3 as a 120g tin of sardines.

Obviously it would be unrealistic to expect dramatic results after a weeks usage but fingers crossed this could be the answer to a multitude of problems.

Special thanks to Bare Biology who kindly sent us their product for the purpose of reviewing. Although gifted to us all opinions are my own.

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