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Dylan hates yoghurts with a passion, I mean really HATES them. He only has to see a yoghurt and he’ll faux vomit and stomp his feet until it is safely out of the vicinity, but having the fickle and incomprehensible nature of  a six year old he LOVES Claudi & Fin’s frozen yoghurt lollies.

 Last month I bought the boys a packet of the full sized strawberry lollies from Sainsbury’s (I mainly bought them for Ben who devours yoghurts but Dylan loved them just as much); I was instantly drawn in by the cute pastel toned graphics, my weakness as a previous graphic design student and avid lover of pastels. Not only are they super cute but they are pretty much guilt free as well, with 100% natural ingredients, real fruit and less than 35 calories per lolly.

 In true mummy blogger style I instantly Instagramed a photo and  founders Lucy and Meriel made me aware of their mini range which includes mango, strawberry and peach & apricot. The boys were so happy when I came home from Tesco with a packet and have quickly devoured over half of the box (with help from myself of course.)

 Claudi & Fin are definitely a winner in our house.

Have you tried Claudi & Fin yet? What’s your favourite flavour?


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