Rebel Kitchen Banana Mylk

Rebel Kitchen Banana Mylk Dilly and the Boo blog reviewRebel Kitchen Banana Mylk Dilly and the Boo blog review

Recently the boys have become particularly fond of milkshakes, or as Boo calls them ‘Moo Moo Shakes,’ but I can’t get over how much sugar a lot of the brands actually contain. Rebel Kitchen’s MYLK range contains no refined sugars, additives or preservatives as well as being gluten free and suitable for vegans.

The dairy free, coconut milk based cartons are actually pretty filling. Yes I did help myself to a carton! As someone who favours milk alternatives it’d seem silly not to give it a whirl wouldn’t it?

Rebel Kitchen is a brand which strives to create a permanent healthy state of rebellion by rejecting the norm and pushing for the healthier, more responsible alternatives.

This is beautifully reflected in their graphics, which not only reflect the brands ideologies but appeal to young children. Selling healthy eating to children isn’t always an easy task, take it from a mum, but I feel that Rebel Kitchen have managed it here. They’ve certainly sold it to me.

We opted for the banana flavour when we saw these in our local Waitrose store but there are several other flavours in the range, such as orange and the good old staple chocolate.  With the banana flavour there is a hint of the cacao beans which makes up 0.5% of the carton, this seems like the ideal ratio as the drink was sweet but not sickly. This along with their size makes them ideal for lunchboxes and day trips.

If milkshakes aren’t your thing then Rebel Kitchen also make coffee, matcha green tea and yoghurts among other delicious coconut based products.


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