What Brexit could mean for my Son’s future career

what Brexit could mean for my sons future career Dilly and the Boo blog lego
 If there’s something all Dylan’s school reports can agree on it is that he is a quizzical, determined child which a huge love of LEGO. Ever since the channel 4 documentary ‘The secret world of LEGO’ aired in June last year he has been adamant that he will work in Denmark as a LEGO designer.
 As parents it is our job to encourage our children to follow their aspirations and make them aware that they need to work hard to achieve these, especially in such a competitive field. I know that at the age of six career goals change on a weekly basis but this is a job that screams Dylan.
  By leaving the EU Dylan’s opportunities to work abroad without a special Visa, as well as his choice to study abroad will be restricted.  Last years OECD  reports show that undergraduates in England pay the highest tuition fees in the world, which has already caused many to study at cheaper European universities. If we leave the EU this could see a rise in fees in the form of international student rates. Not to mention the dwindling numbers of EU students we would see studying here, which at the moment is around 20,000 (that’s a lot of money our universities could potentially lose.)
 And then there’s the implications on Dylan’s second love, science.
Sciences in UK universities greatly value EU membership and could see limited advances in the future. LEGO is a big supporter of the sciences and encourage LEGO-based engineering within a schooling environment from a young age. With developments in design and engineering constantly emerging the sciences are an essential aspect of the career my son has chosen to pursue.
 This is one of the reasons I voted Remain in the recent EU Referendum. I don’t want my children to have a future where they feel their dream job is unattainable despite hard work and determination.
 I think it’s important to remember that although a lot of people are happy with the way the Brexit vote resulted, there are still a large number of people in this country who are trying to get their heads around a scary and uncertain future. If Denmark do decide to opt out of the EU like they have been discussing then my son’s future could be even more uncertain.
*All opinions in this post are my own following articles I have read and are by no means intended to cause offence.

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