Five reasons to buy: The Art Of Motherhood

There has been a lot of excitement over on Instagram recently about the launch of Mere Soeur’s new colouring book The Art Of Motherhood and rightly so. If you were lucky enough to go to the launch at Olive loves Alfie last month then you are more than likely to already have a copy sitting on your bedside table. If you didn’t get a chance to meet the lovely and damn right gorgeous Carrie or get the opportunity to pig out on the amazing Meringue Girls treats at the launch then don’t worry, you haven’t completely missed out. The Colouring book is available to order online and here are five reasons you should be buying it…

  1. It’s a celebration of motherhood and sisterhood, something which is important to inspiring go-it-alone mum boss Carrie, founder of Mere Soeur.
  2. It’s 100% charitable with all proceeds going to Homestart UK
  3. It’s a product of love which has been thoughtfully created by a mixture of professionals and everyday (but not unremarkable) mummas.
  4. It’s eco friendly and is printed on recycled paper
  5. It’s witty, relatable and pink!

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