Breaking the Routine – Naptime

Dilly and the Boo blog breaking the routine (1)It was two hours past his bedtime and Boo was still awake, crying, laughing, shouting for milk in a pitch that rivalled Kate Bush. He woke twice last night after finally going to sleep which is not like him at all, it was this which prompted my husband to say those dreaded words “Perhaps it’s time to skip his nap?” Yes, I did wonder what I had done to make him hate me at that moment, I mean the day just doesn’t feel long enough already, does it?

Like most parents I consider naptime to be a sacred time, an opportunity to watch television, to have a cuppa and enjoy the silence in a room momentarily void of toys. Now I’ll admit that I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut recently when it comes to blogging and parenting. I haven’t written for a while and my routine of school runs, meal times and bedtimes has left little time to venture out the house for too long. So maybe, just maybe skipping naptime will be a good thing, even if I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 Any tips on how to work with a Duplo hurling, Coco Pop fuelled toddler running around would be very welcomed right now.


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