The five stages of Half Term

The five stages of Half term Dilly and the Boo blog.jpgDenial

It’s a magical moment when you collect your child from the school gates on the last day of term. You crack out the metaphorical party poppers at the realization that there is no school run for a week. That’s one whole week of sleeping in, watching films in your pjs and working through the craft projects clogging up your Pinterest. Pure bliss right?

Anger/ Bargaining/depression

Please note – theses steps happen rather simultaneously.

It’s 10am on day one of the holidays and it’s already clear that it’s all simply a pipe dream. Chances are that you have already been up since five (which is two hours earlier than on a school day), have drunk two cups of cold coffee in bid to function like a human being and are secretly weeping into your sweatshirt sleeves as you realise you still have five days of this.

Cue the whatsApp messages to the husband begging him to call in sick.


Mid week you realise that wallowing isn’t going to make this go any quicker so you call other stressed out parents in hope for a little adult social interaction.

You finally manage to work through the household mess, restock the fridge, and find an activity that the miniature dictators approve of. Then the pang of sadness kicks in as you realise it is all ending and two days later you are longing for the next holiday.


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