DIY Snack Pots

DIY Snack Pots for the whole family Dilly and the Boo blog(4).JPGLet me set the scene for you, you are on your way out the door, you have a screaming toddler under your arm and a five year old who sounds like a fog horn firing questions at you. You have had less than a desirable amount of sleep and you are desperately trying to pack a bag full of things to keep them entertained. You finally manage to get to the kitchen cupboard to stick a couple of snacks in your bag, but that’s when it happens, oh dear god, the snack drawer is empty!

I’ve definitely had that moment of panic between Graze box deliveries and unless I’m organised enough to make sandwiches the night before (which I’m not) I feel like all is lost. This is where the DIY snack pot comes in. I tell my kids it’s a snack pot because it sounds more fun but it is essentially a reinvention of the breakfast they refused to eat a few hours before. But my god is it a life saver, at least for the five minutes it takes them to eat it.

The Snack Pot consists of Cheerios (the staple of any child’s diet, I’m sure you’d agree), raisons, dried tropical mix from the muesli they wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and any leftover seasonal treats you have lying around (in this case gingerbread men and popcorn.)

 If I’m feeling particularly healthy I’ll whack some almonds, pumpkin seeds and chocolate in there and make myself one aswell. This, is of course, to be eaten in private as far away from thieving fingers as possible.

DIY Snack Pots for the whole family Dilly and the Boo blog(11)




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