Mamas of Instagram

Instagram is a brimming with inspiration, whether you’re looking to decorate, get fit or simply put together an outfit for the school run that doesn’t resemble pyjamas. I love Instagram and like a lot of parents I think I’d go spare without it on those long weekday afternoons before my husband comes home.

 There are a huge number of mums on there who seem to have their shit together, and granted it may just be on the outside, but when that outside looks as good and sticky fingerprint free as this then who cares?

 At the end of the day I’m sure the majority of them have that little voice in their head asking “If I feed the kids a big enough lunch can we skip dinner and nap instead?” but that doesn’t prevent them giving all us eye bag carrying mums a little hope.

 Mother_pukka / dresslikeamum / mummydaddyme



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