School run fashion: Topshop Skirts

I’ve been trying to be a bit braver with my wardrobe lately, trying different cuts, patterns and trying to get out of my monochrome comfort zone. Since I had Ben I’ve found it difficult to feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone in a tired wardrobe; My body has changed shape and I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that my ribcage and hips are never going to sit how they used to, hence the experimenting with different shapes and fits.

 I recently ordered myself these gorgeous skirts from Topshop with a much appreciated Christmas voucher and have fallen in love. They are a really easy, throw on outfit which I’ve also worn to work.

 I’m just going to cry when it gets too hot for a roll neck and black tights.

Animal print skirt £36 / Jacquard Pelmet Skirt £35


5 thoughts on “School run fashion: Topshop Skirts

  1. I tend to have a hard time ever finding something at Topshop. But this is lovely! Paired with the tights, it’s gorgeous! 🙂


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