Ikea Kallax for kid’s


I am loving Ikea’s kallax bookcase at the moment, we have five in our house alone, so I think it might be safe to say that I’m slightly obsessed. One thing I love about them is their versatility, not only are they ideal for book storage but unlike the Billy bookcase they are well suited to displaying all those little decorative items we collect over time.

 Nadine from @nynneetliloujos has the best examples of Kallax styling on her instagram, I seriously suggest having a look if you’re planning on buying one for your little one. You can see above how she has paired it with black Drona boxes to hide mess and allow for a crisp monochrome look. Below she has opted for more colour and has beautifully added different textures in the form of wire baskets and paper storage bags to give a more organic feel.

In our house the units are filled to the brim with books and the top of the units are designated for displaying toys, but as you can see below there are many ways to use them as display units.

petitandsmall kallax styling

petit & smallIkea Kallax styling la petite magazinelapetitemag

How to style an Ikea Kallax- kid’s addition1 katja_adores How to style an Ikea Kallax- kid’s addition2mylittlelooove

 Get the look white kallax1.LEGO Brick 2.Storage Basket 3.Ice Cream light 4.Drona 5.Kallax 6.‘Hello’ Bunny Ears 7. Ricestorm Wrist Pillow

Get the look black superhero kallax

1.Reusable Paper Sack 2.Nesting Dolls 3.Drona 4.Kallax 5.Shelf 6.BatKid 7.Blanket



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