A Poem to Benjamin as you turn one


I memorize your body as though it were the lines of a song,

the dimples and the constellations,

the lyrics to the rhythm of your laugh.

And when you laugh,

your eyes expand to reveal a galaxy of glazed pools,

as deep as the souls of poets.

And I long for those eyes to see only beauty.


But when your cheeks are marbled in salty streaks,

and your nose wrinkles in despair,

mine will match yours,

for the feel of your pain runs deep in my veins.

Let the water from your eyes nourish your beauty

so you can bloom in the knowledge that you are alive.


I hold you and kiss the back of your neck,

the soft, spongy tissue,

the remains of my newborn.

For the days are long, my son,

but the years are short.


And when I am gone,

and can no longer hold you in my arms,

look to the skies,

because I am amongst the atoms of the stars,

watching over you through the eyes of stardust.

But I am not a star to be wished upon,

for I have wished on every star twice before for you,

so you may be loved and held in adoring arms for always.


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