Visiting Wales

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Wales (47)I’m ashamed to say that this post has taken me a little while to write; reading Diana Gabaldon’s Cross stitch, reading a friend’s book and working on the plan for my own, all whilst looking after two kids doesn’t leave much time for anything else. But I finally found a moment to sit my butt down at my desk and write.

During our half term break I made the brave decision to take my two boys on a four hour car journey to Wales (Although I kept saying Scotland to Dylan, can you guess what I’ve got on the brain?)

This was my first visit and making the trip to see the birthplace of my Nan has been on my bucket list for a while. I grew up listening to all the creepy ghost stories surrounding my Nan’s family and was countlessly told she was a witch (Although I realise now that this may have been mockery rather than truth. Most of it anyway.) So off I headed to this magical land with a feeling of childish wonderment. I tell you now, there is nothing like a long car journey with two kids to bring you back to reality!

We stayed at The Lamb and Flag in Glynneath, a short drive away from Resolven where my nan grew up and where her ashes now are. We took the boys to the graveyard to rest some flowers on the grave, which I was a little worried about, but there was no need. I apparently have a child who is completely unfazed by the weirdest things. Seriously, he cried when he saw a solider in Starbucks but happily sat sunbathing next to a grave!

My dad was particularly excited to share some of the experiences he’d had as a child with Dylan. We took a walk to the Melincourt Waterfalls across the road from the graveyard, somewhere he visited at the same age. We also decided on a visit to The National Showcaves Centre on our way home to England. It may have added a couple of extra hours to our journey but the views alone made it completely worth it!




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