Easter egg hunt and walk

Easter egg and walk (14)Easter egg and walk (15)Easter egg and walk (16)Easter egg and walk (17)Happy Easter everybody, I hope you don’t all feel too sick (I know I do). Today we took Dylan to my parent’s house for a mini Easter Egg hunt which resulted in a basket full of chocolate and a Grande finale of the Iron Man action figure he has had his eye on for a little while now. This is the first time we have done a proper egg hunt with him and I was surprised how quickly he managed to decipher the clues; He actually did better than me.

After eating chocolate and cake I decided to take him for a walk to the park but after a few tears we headed to the Great Linford Stonepit Fields instead. He had tried to copy a few of the older children who were jumping and climbing but he got stuck hanging off the slide and was a bit upset that he couldn’t match up to their acrobatic skills, he loves playing with older children and tries to grow up far too quickly.

After we watched the swans we went to see if Dylan’s “school” he had made in the quarry  on our last visit was still there, which it was but it was a little misshapen now. I really enjoyed spending some time alone with Dylan this week at his art class and at the cinema, I do feel like I don’t spend as much quality time with him anymore as he is at school all week or I have Ben to look after, and as I return to work in a couple of weeks I’ll lose my weekends with him too, so I am trying to really savour these moments.



6 thoughts on “Easter egg hunt and walk

    1. Thank you very much Liliya, I’m just learning to be a bit braver with my photography and editing so it’s nice to know that people like them. We had a lovely time with the whole family and the boys were both really well behaved which was a bonus.


      1. You’re obviously a very talented photographer and I’m happy to see you’re gaining confidence!


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