Linford Wood

Linford Wood (11)

I’d been itching to take the boys into the woods for a mini photo shoot for a while now and today was the perfect day for it. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm and I couldn’t help but want to venture out.

We were hoping to go a little further than we did and take the boys somewhere we had never been before but after a stressful morning and a nearly empty fuel tank we decided that a walk to Linford Wood in Milton Keynes would be a better way of letting Dylan blow off steam.

The last time we went into these woods it was absolutely baking and not exactly a calming experience for me. Being 9 months pregnant in extreme heat whilst looking after five kids is a recipe for early labour! Sure enough at three o’clock the following morning Ben decided he was ready to make an appearance.

Thankfully this trip was more enjoyable and a lot less tiring. Dylan was in his element collecting sticks, making log bridges and throwing Captain America around like the destructive little boy he is.

It felt like We’re going on a bear hunt, especially when I had to chase Dylan who bolted off into the overgrowth that the pram couldn’t travel though; And to top it off we actually did find a bear (only a wooden one thankfully) along with several other carvings. But despite the squelching mud and several falls down into the brooks we all came home pretty clean and unscathed which in itself is a minor miracle.


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