Sunshine, parks and cookies

Sunshine, parks and cookies artworks mk

Yesterday you’d be forgiven for thinking that spring had come early, it was absolutely glorious outside, if not slightly cold.

I took Ben to clinic in the morning to get our weekly check up on his eczema and after trying several different creams it finally seems to be on the mend. I put so much oil on him before we left that he slid around on his changing mat!

After Dylan showed off his new plane to the health visitor, and I explained our trip to A&E last week to them, we headed to the park. I haven’t actually taken Dylan to the park for quite a while so it was a welcomed change. He spent the whole time running around like a headless chicken pretending he was a Transformer.

After Ben had his nap we took a walk through Great Linford village which has the most enviable houses and feeds my obsession for painted doors. The plan was to walk there today but I’m glad we chose to go early as it has rained non stop. Our intention was to have our lunch at the art centre but they didn’t have any sandwiches so Dylan had to make do with a cookie, poor boy.

I did my work experience at Artworks and later volunteered during an Easter break once I left school, but a lot has changed since then. One change being the employment of my cousin’s sister-in-law Claire, who was busy teaching a class, which Dylan watched enviously. The kids were painting tote bags and doing a fantastic job at it too. While we were there we signed up for their newsletter and we’re hoping to take Dylan to their free class this weekend.

After our coffee and cookie break we walked to my parents house to help my baby sister pack for her house move. Keeping a four year old out the way while you’re packing is not realistic so we headed to yet another park to get him out the way for a while. That morning whilst we were at the other park I realised that Ben had never been on a swing! So it was with great excitement that I plonked him into the little rubber seat; And  he was not fussed in the slightest. But at least one child enjoyed himself and I for one loved the sunshine.


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