Lego pancakes, coffee and dinosaur disappointments

Lego Pancakes, coffee and dinosaur disappointments  (15)

On Tuesday we met up with my parents to take Ben to story time at the library, by the time it started he had been awake for nearly three hours and was absolutely shattered but sat quietly and chewed on musical bells while his brother dominated the session with his boisterousness . Dylan had a great time once he was there but wasn’t too fussed about going initially as he only had two things on his agenda for the day; Pret and dinosaurs.

After several trips to shops he didn’t want to go to and a humorous visit to Waterstones which entailed him shouting “Where are the rings on Uranus?” when pointing out all the inflatable planets, he finally made it to Pret. He is seriously obsessed with Pret, so much so that he even looked up what it means in French (which is Ready to eat for any fellow French novices).

 Our local shopping centre have been advertising a dinosaur event which we had been telling Dylan about all week and to be completely honest it was a little underwhelming. There were a few dinosaur statues dotted around which I’m sure Dylan would have loved if he hadn’t already seen them the previous year. I’m pretty sure we must have missed something though as a lot of people were saying how much their kids had enjoyed it. Apparently there was a dino hunt and mineral panning which we somehow managed to miss.

After the shops he read his new Oliver Jeffers book The incredible book eating boy with nanny before he headed upstairs to create what he called Gruffalo World out of a tent tube and a Gruffalo Trunki and then some Lego pancakes to put into our new crepe pan. I must mention that I can’t make pancakes (bad mummy) so he had to make do with free samples from John Lewis. I think it might be more accurate to say that I don’t actually know if I can make pancakes as I have never tried. I have a bit of a fear of cooking eggs and meat for my children, being a vegetarian myself probably doesn’t help, but I always feel that if I cook anything one minute less than I should then I’ll be rushing them to hospital with food poisoning. I can’t be the only neurotic parent out there can I..?



4 thoughts on “Lego pancakes, coffee and dinosaur disappointments

  1. I am really enjoying these Dylan whereabouts posts 🙂

    AND I have just discovered an excellent recipe for pancakes (titled Perfect Pancakes) that doesn’t involve eggs from Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

    Have made it twice over the last two days and on both occasions they were easy to make and yummy!

    I can send it to you if you’d like to experiment!


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