Zara Kids- Autumn fashion

I for one love autumn, the pavements are laced with a firework of leaves, the coffee shops are adorned with the smell of pumpkin spice and that chunky knit sweater that’s been hanging in your wardrobe all summer is finally unleashed.

I’m sure any parent with young children will agree with me that there is a little thrill when the seasons change; finally a viable excuse to revamp the little ones wardrobes! I love scouring the internet and shops for new ideas when it comes to my children’s clothes and it has nearly replaced the Lamaze toy obsession I had with my eldest son.

This season I am loving Zara kids. Despite their UK profits falling by a third recently I feel that they bring contemporary and almost high fashion styles to the highstreet.

Here are my Autumnal selections from Zara Kids:

baby boy1

1. Double-sided coat with pockets £35.99   2. lined leather sneaker £19.99   3. Tan hat £7.99   4. Washed denim shirt £14.99   5. Dark green leggings £8.99   6. Bear t-shirt £6.99   7. Embroidered Voila sweatshirt £10.99   8. Tree print leggings £6.99


baby girl 123

1. Textured scarf £7.99   2. Loose-fit printed trousers £15.99   3. Bubbles mixed fabric coat £25.99   4. Jacquard dress £22.99   5. Pompom hat £7.99   6. Clouds sweater £14.99   7. Stretch boot £19.99


older girl12

1. Dress with pockets £25.99   2. Punched leather blucher £35.99   3. Hat with ears £10.99   4. Double sided check scarf £12.99   5. Flower print trousers £19.99   6. Buckled backpack £22.99   7.  Buttoned coat with pockets £39.99   8. Synthetic patent leather stretch boot £22.99   9. Diagonal Check shirt £17.99


older boy12

1. Fleece lined buttoned short coat £27.99   2. Combined sneaker £22.99   3. Basic chinos £17.99   4. Fleece lined patterned snood £12.99   5. Denim shirt with text on back £17.99   6. Sweater with shoulder detail £17.99   7. Fantasy Beanie £9.99   8. Combined leather messenger bag £17.99


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